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The Belmont-Redwood Shores Public School Education Foundation (SchoolForce) and all the Belmont-Redwood Shores Public Schools Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs) partner together to make it easier for parents to support our students. When you donate during the Education Commitment Campaign (ECC) from July 15 to October 31, your donation helps bridge the funding gap to provide essential people and programs, and school culture and community at your site. The suggested ECC donation is $2,000 per student – the first $275 ($250 at Ralston) goes to your child’s school PTA(s) and the remainder to the SchoolForce, the district-wide education foundation.

California ranks 10th nationally in per capita tax revenue, but 40th for per--student funding, and unfunded or underfunded mandates for schools have grown significantly over time. This makes local funding more important than ever. 


We are lucky to live in a community who values high-quality education. Our community has long financially supported our schools so that all students have the opportunity for academic success. SchoolForce and PTAS provide different and necessary things so the students of BRSSD have a well-rounded educational experience. 
LEARN MORE about which each organization funds. 

Watch this quick video explaining what is funded through ECC donations, benefitting every student at Central, Cipriani, Fox, Nesbit, Ralston, Redwood Shores and Sandpiper.


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Together, SchoolForce and our school PTAs provide funding for the people, programs, community, and culture that make our schools great places for our kids to learn and thrive. LEARN MORE about what we fund.

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Specialized credentialed teachers and librarians, counselors, technology, arts programs and more. See the SchoolForce Annual Report for details.

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School supplies, assemblies, community events, parent education and more.  Check your school's website for details. 

with your suggested $2,000 donation

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Up to the first $275 ($250 at Ralston) per child goes to your school's PTA

Remaining donation goes
to SchoolForce

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“With California public schools being so underfunded, contributing to the ECC feels like a necessity to us. We appreciate that it's a straightforward donation, and we're consistently impressed by how the BRSSD community comes together each year to support the kids."

- The Chapman Family, Central Elementary

SchoolForce and PTA work together to meet students' needs on every campus. Organizations work together as the have different missions at each campus; Through the ECC, ensure that organizations work together to maximize parent donation dollars so they have the greatest impact on their student’s academic day.


PTAs are non-profit volunteer organizations that provide services and materials that enrich our students’ education and support our schools’ vibrant community. 


SchoolForce is an education foundation that is a parent-led non-profit organization that, for the past 22 years, has funded staff and programs at all schools that are expected but unfunded for by the state. The funds raised are directed to all of the seven public schools of the Belmont-Redwood Shores community. 


Together, we can cultivate a profoundly enriching educational journey for our children throughout their school years.

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