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All the BRSSD Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs) and SchoolForce have partnered together to make it easier than ever before to support our schools. Rather than being asked to contribute to multiple organizations, if you donate during the Education Commitment Campaign time period of Aug 1-Oct 31, a single donation will cover virtually all of your child’s educational needs. One donation can be made to contribute to your PTA, school supplies, and SchoolForce, our education foundation. 

The suggested donation is $1,800 per student - the first $250 goes to your child’s PTA and the remainder to SchoolForce. Please donate what you can. If everyone gives what they can, every child benefits.

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“As a parent who used to pay for preschool and private schooling for our kids, our donation to ECC/SchoolForce is well worth it. The donation ask per child is less than 2 months of private schooling and my kids are able to continue receiving art, music, science, and all the other needed programs our kids deserve."

- Sid Tao, Nesbit Parent

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