Credentialed Teachers

and Enrichment

Community Building
and Classroom Support

By donating to the ECC, you can ensure that your child is receiving a balanced education without needing to figure out how much to give to PTA vs SchoolForce.


Both organizations support delivering a quality educational experience for our children, but they do so in different ways. SchoolForce addresses all the critical district-wide programs such as science, art and music teachers; in-class technology; art, music and physical education programs; professional development; teacher innovation grants; and social emotional learning and support. PTA supports site specific programs such as field trips, assemblies, family nights, classroom supplies, science and book fairs, and more. PTA cannot contribute to salaries whereas SchoolForce does.


As state funding per student has decreased, SchoolForce has become an even more critical part of the Belmont-Redwood Shores school district budget. 

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  • Retain low teacher:student ratios

  • Specialized credentialed teachers
    (science, reading, music, art and PE)

  • Develop & retain quality teachers

  • Art programs and supplies

  • In-class technology

  • Social-emotional counselors & curriculum

  • Library specialists

  • Teacher innovation grants

  • Music support 

  • Middle school after school sports

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  • Field trips

  • Assemblies

  • Parent education

  • School supplies

  • Community events
    (family nights, book and science fairs)

  • After school enrichment
    (clubs and sports)

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“We chose to live in the Belmont-Redwood Shores School District because of the fantastic schools. We now realize how much of BRSSD's success is based on the financial support of our community, and we are more than willing to contribute. We want to keep our schools strong, so that our kids can thrive now and into the future.”

– The Loring Family, Fox Elementary